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Cake Stands

I love cake stands, I often drool over them and stroke the monitor, adding version after version to my dream shopping list. But they seem to be sadly over-looked as part of the wedding cake display.

So often standard cake boards, with a little ribbon, are the default choice for supporting the cake. In many ways, this is the most stable option (not to mention cheapest!) if the cake is large. Ornate cakes can also look overpowering if sat atop a fancy cake stand.
However, with separate cakes, cupcake-cakes and candy/desert bars with one small, main cake becoming more popular there is definitely an opening for cake stands to take centre stage.
Take, for instance, the beautiful Clara French stands pictured. How wonderful would those be for tying your scheme together, be it vintage, spring, pastels or English tea-party? With a bit of imagination it could turn a delicate confection like this into a show-stopper! If you are really lucky and have a gorgeous vintage cake stand and a talented baker in either of your families you could save yourself a fortune! You can let the stand do the talking with no worries about how steady Auntie Mary’s icing hand is!
If having cupcakes, there are many tiered caked stands to help you display your individual delicacies to their full potential. How about this beauty from dot com giftshop, a snip at ¬£25, or this unusual beauty from Let Them Eat Cake? Or this small one from etsy if you want to have a slightly larger cupcake as your ‘cutting’ cake? Adorable!
The best thing about having a cake stand for your wedding, in my opinion is that you have a beautiful keepsake of the day that you can put on display, day after day! It’s not as common to keep the top tier of the cake for the first anniversary any more – why don’t you serve anniversary cake up on your wedding cake stand?
If you are planning on a having a wedding registry, why don’t you choose a couple that tie with your theme? Can you imagine your guests delight when they see their gift taking pride of place?
You put so much thought and money into your wedding cake – doesn’t its stand deserve a little bit of that consideration?

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