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And so to the first of the wedding blogs…
As you can see I follow Joy the Baker religiously. I love her. I want to be just like her. And this week, joy of joys, she is baking wedding cake. And filling us in on it. Part of that was a pic of the couples handmade wedding topper. I’m also a wollie on and their tip of the week is on wedding toppers and then I saw this amazing topper on my friends facebook page so I had my topic!
I think cake toppers are a great way of expressing your personality. You don’t need to be elegant or traditional with them. A lot of brides also like to take some of their grooms passions as inspiration as well, which you can see in the many toppers where the groom is wearing a club jersey, or has a set of golf clubs behind him.
I have seen a huge variety of cake toppers recently, from the traditional, through passionate, abstract and unique to downright weird.

Personally, I don’t like the Fimo toppers, I think they look a bit too ‘home-made’ for my liking. But most people love them. The fact that you can completely personalise them is a huge draw and in the age where fewer couples are keeping the top tier for their anniversary or christening cake, it’s a cute keepsake.

Me, I have set myself a challenge. The boy is over a foot and 2 inches taller than me. It gets mentioned a lot. I really want a traditional style cake topper only with a little bride standing on a box. So far, I haven’t found a single version of this on google. But it will happen! So help me, if I have to carve the buggers myself, it will happen.
Not that I’m a budding Bridezilla or anything. Oh noes, not me! I just have….vision. 🙂

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