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Cake vs Cupcake – round 1

So if you read some of my earlier posts you might remember the cake stand and cake topper posts. Well, I had originally planned that to be a series of three, which ended in the cake post. However I got distracted and stopped blogging for a while.
Well, now it’s time to bring some cakes to the world. But when I started looking at images for cakes I was torn between cupcakes and cakes, so I decided to do two posts, one on each.

First off are cupcakes. About a year ago I was obsessed with cupcakes, I still love them, but have gone off the idea of them for my wedding cake. The logistics of having 150 mini cakes, plus spares in case any get damaged/dropped/eaten before they were supposed to seems to be just too much hassle for me! But I still think they are so pretty, especially for really small weddings. Here are some of my favourite images, I especially love the possibilities that the cupcake cases present. Super Cute.

Cupcake vs Cake - Cupcakes fire!


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