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So it’s not Blog ‘n’ Tumbl Wednesday, but I’ve having one of those days where I can’t be bothered doing anything productive and I want to look at pretties so I thought I would share. Wanna see some pretties you could get your bridesmaids and general helpers at your wedding? Or just for pretty gifts if you want…

First off is the most common bridesmaid gift: jewellery. This is something brides often gift to their bridesmaids, it is a momento that they can wear on the day and afterwards. For your maids to feel like this is a gift for them and not just another part of their outfit for the day it is very important to match the peice with the person. For girls who wear delicate creations this heart necklace from Indigo Silver could be perfect, whilst a more ostentatious maid might prefer this sacred heart design from Silversaurus. If you have a god-daughter or other little girl playing a role at your wedding why not start a tradition by gifting a charm bracelet with their first charm? Thomas Sabo, Pandora and Newbridge all have a range of charms. Or for a very special treat for a more mature charmer, a wonderful Tiffany charm?

How about a little bit of a pampering treat? You could create a little hamper of goodies to give the night before the wedding, or if you are all staying over at the venue, how about slipping a recovery kit in their rooms for the morning after?
I’m always a big fan of Lush and think a gift set or specially chosen bunch of goodies is always a treat to receive! How about pairing it with a pretty soap dish like this one from Modcloth? Or why not get the Picture Tile Company  to print off some small tiles with a pretty image of your location to use as a soap dish or coaster? These guys are local to me and I have an Audrey Hepburn tile as my kitchen soap dish.
If you want a larger pamper pack you could include a cute-as-pie tea for one set and some hangover teabags from Whittard of Chelsea. They also sell teabags especially to depuff your eyes. Handy for your wedding attendants and you!
To continue the pamper back at home, perhaps you could add a wax tart burner and some scented tarts from Enchanted. These wax tarts are burnt in a similar way to oil burners, scenting the room, but have a really powerful ‘throw’ and will last for ages. The scents are gorgeous too and last for ages!
Pair with a comfy pair of jammies and slippers and you have the perfect pamper hamper which will last for almost as long as your smile after the big day!

I’m going to leave it at that for today, I will be back with more suggestions at the start of the week. Right now I’m off to check my bank balance and see if I can afford any of these goodies!

Vintage pendant from

Custom robes from


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