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Guest Books

Guest books seem to be one of those things that are ‘the done thing’ at weddings, but are rarely a favourite thing. I know I could take them or leave them most of the time, but after seeing this puzzle guest book I thought I would put together a few nice ideas.

The envelope guest book is from Martha Stewart. I like the fact that you can hide your sentiment in an envelope (if you are a shy guest) so you don’t feel corny and can write something really personal.
These pebbles are a cute idea if you are having a beach wedding. I’m sure you could find some way to display them in your home too, maybe in a large vase or storm lantern. If you’re having this as part of a destination wedding you might want to weigh the stones first though!
These conversation starter guest books (also from Martha) can act as an ice-breaker at the table too. But you might want to think about your table plan, your cousin may find your best friend’s anecdotes hilarious, but your great aunt Mary might be a little shocked by some of the answers!
These airmail-style postcards are super-cute and would work well with destination, vintage, Parisian or a host of other themed weddings. They could quite easily be worked into an album afterwards too.
I’ll admit I mostly included the signature mat because it had an ‘Owl Couple’ (geddit?) on it. But this would probably be easiest to turn into a display piece after the day is over.
I do love these mini-postcards. I don’t have anything much to say about them. I just like them a lot.
The puzzle guest book is something that I haven’t seen before, but I really like the look of it. It could easily be customised or created yourself (or by someone handy with power tools!)
I am LOVING the thumbprint guest books, but I’m not sure how guest would feel with inky thumbs. Maybe you could leave a packet of wet-wipes beside them? A big wedding will create more leaves, but you could continue to add to it as your lives progress and your family grows. (With different coloured ink perhaps.)
How fab is this couples use of a vintage typewriter? Each guest types their own message then the couple will get them bound into a book.
The beautiful font in the cards were carried through this wedding and makes this simple design anything but plain.

Gorgeous Guest Books

How do you feel about guest books? Are you doing them because they are the done thing? Is it a thought-out detail of your wedding? Or are you leaving them out altogether?


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