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Happy Halloween! Insp Boards {004} and {005}

I love Halloween. If I got presents it would be my favourite holiday. I love the drama, the costumes and the sweeties! Through in the fact that it’s me and P’s anniversary and you can see why I love the idea of a Halloween wedding. But we’re getting married in Ireland. It will be wet and cold and miserable. So I’ll stick with loving the idea of it and make not only one but two boards about it!

If you are getting married on All Hallows Eve it may be tempting to go all out on a themed wedding. These are huge at the moment anyway, but I think its better to take inspiration from the holiday instead of throwing an expensive spook-fest.
How about starting with the colour schemes? Red and orange are obvious choices here and can give the day an Autumnal leaning as much as Halloween. Bright red can be carried through in bridesmaids dresses, cars (don’t you love this 1940’s hot-rod Ford Pick-up? I do, so much!) and candy apple place cards. Pumpkins can be demonstrated in centre-pieces, invites and in the menu!
Why not bring out the kid in you with a candy buffet and supply each guest with a trick or treat bag? You could have a themed photo booth with cute and colourful masks, although think Breakfast at Tiffany’s more than Friday the 13th!!
If you want to bring a little bit of glamorous costume into the mix you could have  cloaks for you and your bridesmaids. Not only will they keep your shoulders warm in the crisp autumn air, but they act as a subtle costume, keep white for the princess or red for Little Red Riding Hood. Maybe you’ll give them black and not mention witches?!
You could also reference the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) by using marigolds as your wedding flower or having some candy skulls.
I’ll admit I had a certain kind of bride in my head when thinking of this wedding, she is cute and kooky and manages to pull of unique things that look wonderful on her. She is my dream me and she would wear a short wedding dress (she would have the legs for it) and super-cute shoes. I love the dresses featured and think they look suitably princess-like without being anywhere close to over-the-top. I also think she and her dashing husband would have their ceremony in the ruins of a church and have the reception in a barn where they party into the night with their very good friends. I had so many ideas for her wedding that I ended up making two boards. Oops…
Finally, although my bride won’t be having them a Halloween wedding is one that could very much have a full-on firework display. She will have sparklers…

Halloween inspired board

Halloween number 2

And yes, I am aware of how early this is. But I was really excited about it!!

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