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If I Were A Rich Girl (na na nana nana na…)

So I may be completely ok with having a wedding on a budget. I know I don’t need or even want a lot of the razzle-dazzle that can come with weddings. But some days I like to dream…

I mean – can you imagine having tea and coffee served in delicate china cups with one of these cuties perched on the lip? At £24 for a pack of 64 it’s never gonna happen. But it would be lovely.

Oh – and how about I hand make cookies to serve with them? Heart shaped, with our initials on them? I could use this and it would be wonderful! Yeh, cause I would really have the time to make a couple hundred cookies the day before the wedding!
If I were being really thoughtful, I would order a hotrod to show up on the morning to take P and the lads to the chapel. But, I don’t think there are any hotrods to rent in Ireland. I guess when I’m a millionaire I’ll just have to buy one and give it to him as his wedding present. Cause that’s the only option – right?
And he would be wearing a bespoke Saville Row suit, cut to make him look even more gorgeous. And me? I think I might wear an Amaline Vitale gown – worth the trip to Melbourne, right? And some custom pieces from Rangoli. Heck, maybe I’ll throw in some Tiffanys!

The invites? Well, if they aren’t gonna be custom designed, then I think only Lucky Luxe will do.And with favours, the bigger the better!
As for photographer – only the best will do! Gotta have pictures to die for, right?

Oh, actually, I do…

See that’s the thing with dreaming, you might notice that you keep dreaming of the same things. If you do, maybe that’s where you don’t want to compromise.
I’m more than happy to look in Oxfams wedding shop for my dress, have standard sugar cubes and otherwise hand-make and haggle and even go without, but some things have priority. My home church as the venue, a fitted suit for himself and a fantastic photographer are worth more to me than a thousand chocolate fountains!

How about you?

Sugar Cube image –
Crochet samples –
Face-cup image –


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