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Airmail Delivery! Insp Board {011}

There is something so classic, yet still so modern about the colour combination of red and navy. It recalls the excitement in receiving an envelope from across the sea, has more than a whiff of military precision about it and brings all the class of a yacht-race to the proceedings.

Airmail Delivery!

Did you ever have a pen-pal in another country, or see your parents receive letters from abroad? Do you remember those envelopes with the red and navy edging? The excitement!! Nothing boring or ordinary could be contained in those. The contents must be special, sophisticated, exotic. I still kinda get that feeling when I see them. Even for sale in a shop. They are so cool. It might be because it was my older sister who received the letters from her French pen-pal. Called Jean. He lived in a chatau and smouldered in his pictures. I may have been a teensie-tiny bit jealous. But even still, I love those envelopes.

And colour combination.

I also got to use Darren Criss in a board.

And do you see the sparkle?

Wins all round, really!


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