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And We’re Through To Round 3! Insp Board {032}

First off, thank you to everyone who has helped me get so far in Events by Sarah Elizabeth‘s March Madness competition! This round is themed and bright and I woke up on Tuesday morning to an email revealing the theme: ‘April Showers bring May Flowers.’ I think this must be a common saying, but I have never heard of it before. Luckily enough, I’m pretty sure I managed to work out it’s meaning – a wet April gives good bloom in May, yeah?

I hope I got it right anyway, or maybe I should have went with the Bambi theme, since I’ve had ‘Little April Showers’ in my head all week!

Click through for sources.
I started off with the umbrella shot from The Knot. The bridal party are giving the couple a guard of honour with umbrella’s! I love it. I think the yellow is such a good colour to carry over from Spring to Summer. I’m also pretty sure that if I left the Boy with that chair and equipment near a river or lake, I wouldn’t see him for the rest of the day.
If it rains on your wedding day, I think you should aim to get an image like the bottom right one. That couple look de-LIGHT-ed!! And how gorgeous does the rain make the scenery look. It looks like one of those days that you can almost hear the grass grow. 
And that macaroon cake? Nom. That is all. 
As always, I am looking for your votes, so would love if you can click here and vote by liking or commenting on the picture of this board. Remember, you have to like Events by Sarah Elizabeth to like the board.
Thanks everybody!

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