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Be My Valentine? Insp Board {019}

Do you know what tomorrow is? Apart from Monday? And apart from the launch of the BHLDN line? It’s Valentines day. How are you feeling about that?

To be honest, I’m not a big V-day fan. For the usual reasons, I don’t like being told what I should feel. I don’t like the assumption that the Boy has to buy me expensive trinkets on this one day. (I would prefer if he bought me expensive trinkets every day) It’s just so forced. 
However, this is a wedding blog and I do specialise in mood boards, so of course I have one inspired by the holiday. I’ve used Style Me Pretty’s new inspiration board tool. I’ve used there old one in the past a lot and was generally happy with it, apart from when it would decide not to upload a photo. This one is fairly similar apart from the ability to browse images by colour. And you can’t upload pictures. I’m still undecided about whether I like it or not. 

It’s a modern white a red board. I was thinking clean white with just flashes of bright red. Red is so strong it can be overpowering and I wanted to keep a minimal feel. 

How do you feel about the whole V-Day debate?

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