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Glasgow Inspired. Insp Board {025}

Source: Midgie List

As you may remember, I went to Glasgow to visit my oldest and bestest friend last weekend. I can’t believe how gorgeous it was! I was not expecting much from the city, for some reason I thought it would be grey and depressing and just not very pretty. Boy was I wrong! I kind of forgot that some crazy beautiful stuff has taken place there, not least the Arts and Crafts movement. I spent most of my time there thinking of ways that the city could be incorporated into weddings. I would love to create some shoots based on the places I went and I was only there for a day! So why not let some Scottish Art Deco into your wedding?

Click through for links.
I’ve also found a beautiful ring for the occasion! 
Source Fay Cullen
I know you normally think of Scotland for it’s country landscape, but please look at it’s beautiful cityscapes as well. There are some amazing buildings and places in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Just explore! 
If I can work out how to make the images I have in my head for Glasgow a reality I will let you all know – you have my word!

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