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High End, Low Key Intimate Day. Insp Board {022}

You have no idea how in love I am with this wedding. Yes, it’s purely fantasy and at the stage I’m writing this I’ve only put together their outfits. But I love the idea of it! I love the couple, her Vogue-befitting Anthropology dress,  heels and serious high-glamour accessories. Who needs a bouquet when you have this gorgeous Swarovski embellished cuff? And her cutting-edge husband: perfectly relaxed suit a la Ryan Reynolds, cuff-links hinting at an architectural interest and these Pantone socks betraying a rebellious streak.

High Class Intimate Elopement
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And where would they have this fabulous day? I’m really inspired by the incredible venues Newcastle has to offer at the moment. I’m thinking Great North Museum for the civil ceremony. Planetarium. Need I say more? Oh, you could take a couple pics with dinosaurs and the other cool-ass stuff that they have. I have romantic notions about planetariums, previously I have made the Boy take me to a planetarium for valentines. This planetarium holds 26 people, so it would be so intimate and just perfect!

And where to next? Just a short trip down the road to As You Like It. It’s gorgeous, too cool for school decadence is so fabulous it almost hurts. 
Swing. True story. 
The decor is so fantastic that you wouldn’t even need additional styling. Maybe fresh flowers and candles casually placed here and there, creating an underlying floral note amongst the various perfumes. 
Sources: The Knot
 Can’t you see the images in the Miss V section of Vogue? I think I may be dreaming of this wedding for some time.  

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