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Peacock Wedding. Insp Board {014}

Peacock Wedding
Peacock Wedding by notso on
For my Junior Cert Art project I drew a peacock feather. I loved the vibrant colours and the vivid eye where you would least expect it. I still love them. The shock of blue at the centre is always my favourite, mirrored here in the brides bouquet. I don’t think it’s much of a coincidence that the Iris is one of my favourite flowers from my mothers garden. (There are a LOT to choose from!)
How much do you love these hand painted shoes from Nora Karen at Etsy?
I gave two options for cakes, which really is how you can go for the day – full on motif or pretty pops of detail? One thing I would like to point out is that, unless you are one half of an all-male couple, you might not want to have two peacocks. They are the male of the species!


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