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The ‘Also Ran.’ Insp Board {033}

I told you yesterday about the yellow inspiration board I’ve entered into Events by Sarah Elizabeth’s March Madness competition (you have voted, right?) What I didn’t tell you is that I created two boards for it and tried to decide which I thought was best. As much as I loved the yellow umbrellas, I also thought an image of a rain-drenched flower could be cute. Which is how this happened:

Click through for sources
I do like it, but I just didn’t think it was good enough. As you can see, I blooming love that couple! I also love that cherry blossom chuppah. The idea could very easily be adapted for a mandap or for any kind of ceremony decor. 
Doesn’t the wet cherry blossom make Spring seem magical? Since this post I’ve discovered that Flicker has an open-source area, provided this image and the pink umbrella. The hydrangea gives a hint of what a perfect summer can bring.
Do you think I made the right choice? Or do you prefer the pink?

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