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Up! Up! And AWAY!!! Insp Board {018}

If you haven’t yet seen the engagement shoot and subsequent wedding themed on Disney Pixar’s Up! then you must click here and here now.

Just to give you a little taster here is one shot from the engagement shoot:

(Click more, there is soooo much yet to see)

And one from the wedding:

I love everything about the couple, the engagement shoot, the wedding, the film, everything. It’s beautifully themed without being over the top. And the picnic blankets and baskets for the guests? I heart it!

You may remember that way back in September I talked about how everyone seemed to be talking about Up, but I chickened out of making a mood board for it. Well, the idea didn’t really go away and it’s been going around in my head, picking at my thoughts a lot lately. So I decided to go for it! The colours are a lot brighter than those used by Lynette and James. I took my inspiration from the colours of the balloons and also of Kevin. Possibly my favourite animated bird ever.

Blue Dress: Dessy, Pink Dress: Watters, Orange Dress: Watters, Green Dress: Dessy, Yellow Dress: Dessy, Balloon Stationery: Simple Song, Boutonniere: Jagger Photography, Multi-coloured Flower: Chickpea Tumblr, Stamps: An Post, UP official pic (Starring Dug, Kevin, Russell and Carl) Disney, Custom Cake topper: The Lollipop Workshop, Yellow shoes: The Knot, Bouquets: Stephanie Williams.

I love the idea of having your bridesmaids in equally bright colours. It just screams happy and of a young, modern day. Alternatively, you can keep the dresses muted and go with bright heels, either matching or in various rainbow shades. 
Keep your stationery in line with the theme, blow-up balloon save the dates and these cutie thank-you cards are perfect nods to the theme. And how perfect are these stamps for An Post’s celebrations range?
I’m kind of in love with the Lollipop Workshop. Their custom cake-toppers are just adorable and this one is absolutely perfect for the theme. It’s actually from Lynette & James’ day. If you want a cake that’s really in keeping with your theme, how about this: 
Source: (check out that entire post, amazing)

Or these bad boys:
Sourced from but unsure of original source.

I think this is such a fun theme to work with for any occasion. What do you think? Are the bright balloons for you or is this one adventure you’d opt out of?

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