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Engagement Shoots Part 2

Last week we had a small selection of themed engagement shoots. This week, I’ve got some more straight-up shoots:
Engagement shoot

Sources below 

Doing what you love, with the one you love? That’s pretty much what engagement shoots should be about. Whether that’s hanging out with the family mutt, pulling on your wellies to trek around your city, going for a cute cup of coffee or having a roll in the hay, just make sure you have a kick-ass photographer to take some snaps!

By the way, the roll in the hay shot is by White Tea Photography, an amazingly talented Irish couple.

Sources from top left:

Reflection: Mike Larson Photography

Vintage case: Mike Larson Photography

Roll in the hay: White Tea Photography

Cups: Jessamyn Harris

With Dog: Olivia Leigh Photographie

Picky-Upy: Edward Lui

Ring-shot: Andrew Geddes

I also told you that I would give you a little heads-up on some fantastic e-shoots and e-shoot articles that are out there on the world wide wedding web.

Rock N’ Roll Bride has a great piece on how to get the best out of your engagement shoot here.

She also has a fab rockabilly, hot-rod styled engagement shoot here.

This natural shoot was featured on Love My Dress.

One Fab Day featured this lovely family engagement shoot!

And the ever-lovely Lisa from Bride & Joy has this one.

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