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Trash the Dress

As part two of my series on photography options (see part one, Engagement Shoots here)  I’m skipping to after the big day. Alternatively known as Cherish the Dress or Trash the Dress shoots, these are a chance to get all dressed up in your finery again.

And set fire to them.

source: altf

Well, not necessarily. This is the extreme of Trash the Dress shoots but there are loads of options available. Maybe you want to get some really dramatic photos, or some pictures with friends who might try to eat your dress or maybe you just have a few locations in mind that wouldn’t be practical to get to on the day. Whatever the scenario, day after shoot’s could be the answer. Even if the good old Irish weather has decided to teem on your perfectly planned day and the indoor shots just don’t live up to expectations.

I’ve been looking into Trash the Dress (or TTD or Rock the Frock, or Cherish the Dress or whatever you want to call it) for a while now and I’ve kind of made it my mission to convince people that they are wonderful. They present such a huge opportunity to get the most amazing, dramatic photo’s without having any time, location or neatness restraints! On my travels in TTD-land I have seen underwater shots, paint pictures, mucky pictures, clean pictures, pictures taken the day after the wedding, pictures taken a year after the wedding day, pictures with just the bride, pictures with a whole crowd of brides, pictures with the bride and groom, pictures with pets, you name it. And if I haven’t seen it, what’s stopping you from creating it?

First off, I’m going to start with the dramatic. Because I love a bitta drama in my pictures. I love stop-you-in-your-tracks, oh-my-gosh-did-they-really-do-that images. The kind where people do a double take, then a triple take and ask ‘is that really you? Really?’

This first shoot does just that. It’s pretty damn extreme and it needs a few shots to even begin to do justice to it.

Yeh, that’s her dress in the bin. In ashes. That’s pretty trashed from my perspective. See the entire project here. It’s worth the click. By the way, this is a real life couple, that is her actual wedding dress. They seem to have pretty smiley pictures on their wedding day.
This couple jumped off a cliff in their wedding outfits. Talk about taking the plunge! I also love this one on the rocks, very Little Mermaid. These were taken by Hawaiian-based photographer Mark Holladay Lee and I am in love with his stuff. Check out this entire shoot here as well as some of his other stuff (there is an incredible shoot involving a pregnant surfer, it’s beautiful.) It also opens up a whole other possibility.
Why not do your TTD shoot on honeymoon? Or on holiday? Or if, like me, you live somewhere completely different than where you’re getting married, why not make the most of both your homes?
I’ll see you back here next week for more TTD inspiration. Maybe a little bit tamer though!

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