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Trash the Dress Take 2

Have you recovered yet? Or have you spent the last week shaking and muttering about the crazy blog lady who wants you to burn your dress? Well, don’t worry. I don’t want you to burn your beautiful dress. I know you spent lots of money, lots of time, lots of stress and a couple sleepless nights over your wedding dress. And it’s because I know this that I want you to get more than one wear out of that dress.
Wouldn’t it be lovely to don that gown again for some beautiful photo’s without the hassle of rushing back to guests, the worry that the food will be burnt or that the band won’t show up and the fact that you keep getting distracted by the shiny new ring on your finger? (Although we aren’t yet married, I still get distracted by my engagement ring, I’m sure the wedding ring will be the same!)

Trash the Dress shoots don’t have to be taken literally. Use your imagination and go for whatever you want! Treat it like a fashion shoot: source your location, get all dolled up and bring props, accessories and a sense of adventure. Make the absolute most of your dress: swirl it, twirl it, get it caught up in branches as you run pell-mell through a forest. What can your dress do?

If you do an image search for TTD shoots you will invariably come up with lots of images in water of some kind. Because of this, I’m not going to include any of the usual underwater/on a beach/in a lake/Ophelia style images. I wouldn’t really be bringing anything new to the table. The below images are just a glimpse of what options are out there:

I’m sorry, but if you thought a TTD shoot would be traumatic, just take a look at the next picture. How unbelievably sexy is that Day-After shoot? It also just shows that you don’t have to take the picture outside on some windswept beach. You have intimate interior scenes too.

(Sorry about the weird picture size, it’s not playing nice)

If you like the idea of a TTD shoot, but are not sure what you want to do have a look at some fashion shoots for inspiration. Or just think of the things you love the most. Maybe you could incorporate your love of sport and have a kick-about with your groom. Or if your a bibliophile like me you could bribe your local library to let you loose in your gown. Oooh, books and weddings I’m in heaven!!

So have I convinced you yet? Do you feel like a morning after picture shoot or are you still traumatised by the site of those beautiful dresses being destroyed?

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