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Stunning Staged Shots

This is the most common style of photography. It is probably what you think of when you think of wedding photography. The images are posed and set-up. That is definitely not to say that they are static images of the couple with frozen smiles. They can be, but there are an awful lot of people out there doing wonderful things with this style. One of which is GingerPixel, based in Greystones, Co Wicklow. She is an animator originally so if her images didn’t have some life in them I would be surprised! But she definitely lives up to expectation:

This style is great if you want a collaborative relationship with your photographer. The photographer should be able to make the most of the two of you, your big day and get some really ‘wow’ shots.
It’s probably the best to get if you want the photographer for a limited amount of time as well. Much and all as we hate to say it, the big R has hit everybody’s budget and a lot of people are considering cutting back on the photographer. Instead of cutting one out altogether, you could consider cutting down on the amount of time they spend with you. With this style you could hire one for a shorter period of time and still get some great shots of the people you want.
But back to the fun stuff! I love shoe shots. Maybe it’s because I love shoes and I love men with funky socks. (see reason #9 why I love Booth in Bones) but these kinda shots just make me happy.

Another thing, aren’t her shoes pretty? And did the hem of her dress get dirty? Doesn’t it make you wonder how and whether there were photo’s of it? Does that tiny imperfection make anyone else happy and make this image seem even more perfect?
You should feel completely comfortable with your photographer, no matter what their style. However, there are always a few people who are really, really camera-shy, in which case this may not be the style for them. You will be aware that there is somebody with a camera there.

But hopefully you relax into it and have fun with it. Wanna see my favourites? I think I’m realising I have a thing for black and white:

Under the boy’s influence I have also developed an interest in architecture, so images with interesting architecture or buildings in them will always draw me in:

Isn’t that interior one stunning? The glow and the framing by the roof is fantastic. Oooh, those windows…


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