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Beautiful Ulster Wedding

This beautiful real wedding has so many perfect details. Photographed by the lovely Paula O’Hara, the bride and groom, Carolynne and Mark are not only gorgeous, but are so obviously in love. I love when you can see that in the pictures. Just take a look:

So little words are needed to talk about this day. Paula captures so much emotion in her images. From the excitement of getting ready:

To overwhelming pride:

But the most common emotion is definitely happiness. Everybody is grinning in this wedding!

This guy takes the title of cutest paigeboy! Check Paula’s blog to see him as Spiderman earlier in the morning.

I love that Carolynne’s face is softened by her veil but that you can still see her huge grin! And look at how happy everyone is here:



They just seem so in love.


By the way, if I were going to use lots of words to talk about this wedding, I would tell you that the wedding gown is stunningly gorgeous and so well timed when I’m dying over illusion necklines. I would also ask you to take a proper look at the groom’s tie and explain to me exactly why I love it so much – is it the devore detailing? And that the pink bridesmaids dresses suit the ladies so well they look like they were chosen for the dresses:

Oh, and maybe I might talk about how much I am in love with the flowers:

(see, everything about this bride is perfect – check the perfect manicure and gorgeous engagement ring!)

I would also talk about this cake. This cake is the thing of dreams:


But of course I’m using minimal words on this one, so I will leave you with this farewell glance.


Thank you so much, Paula for sharing this with me and my readers.



One response to “Beautiful Ulster Wedding

  1. Paper Moss June 22, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    What a cool dress- I love the lacy sleeves and the back!

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