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Raspberry and Oatmeal – Good Enough to Eat Inspiration Board {41}

I’m supposed to be dieting this week, which means I am starving. All. The. Time. This is why I don’t diet. That’s part of the reason I was inspired by food this week. The other one is this picture: I haven’t yet gotten permission to use this on the blog, so I thought I would just show you the link. It’s from Tartlette who appears to be a purveyor of fine recipes and fantastic food photography. I’ll wait here while you look, but don’t forget about me, k?

Anywho’s are you ready for a delicious inspiration board inspired by raspberry sorbet and oatmeal biscuits?

All images are from Style Me Pretty and created using their board builder.

The key is keeping the base a muted shade, such as oatmeal. This ensures the strong raspberry elements can really make an impact. Experiment with textures, such as cotton, burlap and satin to keep things interesting.

Oh, have you noticed the elements of pink in all of this weeks posts? Do you have any suggestions for what board I create next week?

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