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Try saying that three times!

*This post is from the archives, and I haven’t changed it. This means the pictures don’t look right and I’m too sleepy to do it tonight. Sorry!*

As you should know by now, I like to follow my Tuesday photography post with a Wednesday photography post of the same style, just with slightly more international sources. And my, am I spoilt for choice with gorgeous examples of ‘posed’ styles. Open any wedding blog, site or even old-fashioned magazine and you will be see many, many images in this style. But, here we have just a small selection.
First off is the lovely Rob from Robert Hooper Photography. He managed to get exactly what I meant and provided me with these fantastic shots:

Source: Robert Hooper
How much do I love that bridge shot? Possibly more than is healthy. And that silhouette is timeless. Intimate without seeming intrusive. The final one is something out of a wedding magazine. Love it!
From a bit further afield we have the stunning 13:13. Based in South Florida they produce such beautiful images. (I also have a liking for their illustration on the about page – is that a Nan Lawson I spy? But that’s neither here nor there) Take a look:
I have a great fondness for split screen shots of the bride and groom. I’m not sure what it is about them, I just love them.
How delighted would your hubbie be if you challenged him to a game of pre-speech footie? As delighted as you would be about owning those shoes? It looks like a bit of craic anyway!
Yes, I included that final picture as much for the dress as for the images of the couple. I am in love with that dress. It is literally my ideal. But the pictures rock too!
How do you feel about contemporary posed photography? Are you for or against? Please let me know.

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