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Eric Savo – All Kinds of Beautiful

This week we are featuring the incredible Eric Savoie. When I first saw some of Eric’s work I was completely blown away and I actually made the boy look up from a match to tell him ‘this is the photographer I want.’ Can you imagine how delighted I was when I spoke to him and discovered that not only is he incredibly talented and passionate about his craft, but is also a nice guy? Ecstatic, I tell you. Now, there is a little bit of me that wants to not share him with you, to keep him to myself and shout ‘MY TOYS!’ but apparently that’s childish and not what I’m allowed to do.
Source: Eric Savoie
Eric has a wonderful range and encompasses several styles, including reportage and portraiture. This is great if, like me, you want it all.  So although I love each and every photographer I have featured here, my greedy nature means I’m going to gush over Eric a little more than usual.
Eric tells me that he was inspired as a child by his father, who loved to watch people and see how their lives interacted.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect teething ground for a photographer? Just watching people
Source: Eric Savoie
His other early influences were the National Geographic photographers, producing ‘thought provoking, editorial styled work.’  Sounds good, right?

Source: Eric Savoie
All this, while keeping a fun, modern outlook. Pretty close to perfection in my eyes!

Source: Eric Savoie
If you want to see more, his portfolio is here and if you want to check out his packages see here.

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