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Monday Beauty – The Brows Have It

Want to know the easiest and quickest way to get a mini-facelift? Get your eyebrows done! Badly shaped brows can really make you look haggard (just look at Cher Lloyd!) while unshaped brows can just look, well, ungroomed. Good brows give balance to your face and open up your eyes. Just take a look at this comparison of Liz Hurley when all they change is makeup, eyebrows and hair: From plain jane to wowzers!

Although the fashionable brow shape has changed over the years and now seem to change depending on the season, it is important to try and stay natural on your wedding day. As with makeup, an overly trendy look will date easily. While bushy brows are big at the minute, they should still be tidy and groomed.

The best method of removal that I’ve found is threading. It’s relatively pain free and leaves the surrounding skin a little pink for only a few minutes – awesome if you don’t drive so have to face public transport straight afterwards! It also leaves an incredibly defined line and lasts about a week before you need to pluck new growth. It’s best to get them done a few days before your wedding day in case the threader goes a little bit overboard. This will also allow you to get used to the shape if it’s a new one to you.

Another positive with threading is that the only thing used is a thread, so it’s perfect for those who are allergic to waxing. It’s gaining popularity, both in Ireland and worldwide. So although your local salon might not offer it, most large towns will have somebody who offers threading.

On the day itself, your make up artist should neaten them up with an eyebrow pencil and a sweep of clear mascara. If you are doing your own make up, then do the same  but remember to tread lightly. You should just be filling in the blanks and securing the end product. The Beauty Department have this easy to follow tutorial up:


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