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Tuesday Shoesday

Ehm yeah, sorry that I went MIA for a little while. Life has been crazy busy recently and I haven’t had much time to do any blog work. I’m hoping to get things back on track and have enlisted some guest posts to ‘pick it up, pick it up, let’s go!’ (Bonus points for anyone naming that song.)

Lets talk Tuesday Shoesday. These babies are going to be a love/hate thing and I love them. I’ve been kind of obsessed with Miu Miu’s glitter shoes since a couple seasons ago, in fact I’m pretty sure they’ve featured in at least one board.

I’ve noticed more and more glittery shoes recently, a trend that I’m hoping will continue on to Christmas. (Yes, the first mention of the C-word and we are still in August.)

They are £370 from Net-A-Porter so not exactly a wedding day steal. But I think that they are oh so gorgeous.

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Intimate and Wonderful Real Wedding

I have a huge girl crush on Elisha Clarke. She keeps sending me over these incredible weddings and they are just irresistible. Take this one, Aileen and Adrian had a beautiful, intimate ceremony with some fantastic clothes. In fact, I’m skipping all the usual prep shots for now and going straight to this:


Gorgeous, aint it? Also, how intense is Adrian’s face? He looks so in love and like he can’t believe his luck! So sweet. The beautiful wedding dress is by Agusta Jones at Anabel Rose and the bridesmaid’s dress is from Coast. I love the back of the bridesmaids dress and that strong red. (Is that cardinal red?)

Anywho, back to the normal run of events:

Now, at this stage you’re probably wondering why I haven’t shown a single photo of the brides face. Well, don’t worry, she’s beautiful, but there were just so many gorgeous details to include! Here, as proof, look at how Aileen’s smile lights up these entire shots:

I love that photo, such love and intimacy between them.

After the ceremony in Our Lady of Dolours church in Glasnevin, they went to the Botanic Gardens

I love the one bridesmaid and one groomsman by the way, I love the simplicity of it and it must have made shopping for bridesmaids dresses a HELL of a lot easier. Also, have I mentioned how much I love that dress? And that they are wearing red lippy? Oh, and have you seen the flowers? Gorgeous:

(Ooooh, that lace!)


This is one of those weddings where I don’t have to talk a lot, because the photo’s speak for themselves.

(fecking great umbrella by the way!)


Beautiful. Thank you Elisha for sharing.



Tuesday Shoesday and the Winner

High street favourite Dorothy Perkins brings us these gorgeous goldies.


These sparklies are a snip at £40 and are great for the hen, wedding day, day after or just for general prettiness.


And the winner of the heart stoppers competition? That is Elisha! I’ll be sending you an email soon.


Oh, in case you wanted to know, PP was excluded due to being my beloved fiance. (I can’t figure out how to do accents)


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The Hen Do You WANT To Go On

You know how it goes, you are invited to a hen party and you dutifully purchase Ryanair flights to a random city, get the required logo’d t-shirt and appropriate ‘fun’ outfit, then go out in a series of dodgy pubs and bars that have doubled the price of their drinks because they are ‘hen party friendly.’ Oh, don’t forget that you have to drink all your (over coloured, over priced) drinks from the required willy straws. But what if you don’t want the same?


Image via Girly Night Out

Well never you fear, dear reader, as we are in a new age of hen do. Banish the blow-up dolls and tell the feather boa to foxtrot off, classy and personal is the new cheap and tacky. Now you can have a bachelorette (as our American cousins call it) that actually reflects you, whether that’s a vintage tea party, a hands-on trip to a farm, or taking over from the boys and having an action-packed adventure day.

I also think it’s incredibly important that you consider going somewhere relatively local for your hen. I know most people want to go somewhere different, but a few towns along could offer everything you need. It could also work out cheaper in the long run. No, you may not benefit from the super cheap trebles that the random pubs in Warsaw offer, but there are more costs incurred in travelling than just the plane ticket. If you think about the trip to and from the airport, the parking, the food that you eat and bottle of water that you drink and the countless other little expenses along the way, it all adds up. By going local you can reduce the nights you spend away from home (you can still have a night of luxury if you want,) keep your friends with kids happy and support the local economy. Oh, and the random men trying it on will probably be speaking English. Can I get a whoop whoop?

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