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Monday Beauty, A Little Bit of a Round Up

These week I’m bringing a few of the best wedding beauty resources that I’ve found online.


Pinterest: One of the first things you’ll want to do is get a few ideas for hair and make up looks and Pinterest is your friend. Not only can you browse the images already saved there, but you can ‘pin’ your favourite images from other sites onto your own boards. It is still by invite only, but if you ask nicely I might be able to hook you up with one. This beaut of an Irish website is a great resource for everyone. It has loads of reviews and advice and is more than a little amusing.





Lisa Eldridge: If you decide to do a Kate Middleton and do your own or your bridesmaids looks, or even just want to make sure your ‘day after’ look is perfect, then seek expert advice. Lisa is a professional make up artist who has done catwalk looks and worked for major magazines and movie stars. She also creates brilliantly helpful video tutorials.


The Beauty Department: Similar to Lisa, the Beauty Department is choc-full of beauty advice, easy-to-follow tutorials and inspiration. It’s run by a trio of gorgeous American girls, including Lauren Conrad and you’ll find lots of their images on Pinterest.


I’m sure that there are other great resources out there that I’m missing, what are your favourites?

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