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Intimate and Wonderful Real Wedding

I have a huge girl crush on Elisha Clarke. She keeps sending me over these incredible weddings and they are just irresistible. Take this one, Aileen and Adrian had a beautiful, intimate ceremony with some fantastic clothes. In fact, I’m skipping all the usual prep shots for now and going straight to this:


Gorgeous, aint it? Also, how intense is Adrian’s face? He looks so in love and like he can’t believe his luck! So sweet. The beautiful wedding dress is by Agusta Jones at Anabel Rose and the bridesmaid’s dress is from Coast. I love the back of the bridesmaids dress and that strong red. (Is that cardinal red?)

Anywho, back to the normal run of events:

Now, at this stage you’re probably wondering why I haven’t shown a single photo of the brides face. Well, don’t worry, she’s beautiful, but there were just so many gorgeous details to include! Here, as proof, look at how Aileen’s smile lights up these entire shots:

I love that photo, such love and intimacy between them.

After the ceremony in Our Lady of Dolours church in Glasnevin, they went to the Botanic Gardens

I love the one bridesmaid and one groomsman by the way, I love the simplicity of it and it must have made shopping for bridesmaids dresses a HELL of a lot easier. Also, have I mentioned how much I love that dress? And that they are wearing red lippy? Oh, and have you seen the flowers? Gorgeous:

(Ooooh, that lace!)


This is one of those weddings where I don’t have to talk a lot, because the photo’s speak for themselves.

(fecking great umbrella by the way!)


Beautiful. Thank you Elisha for sharing.



2 responses to “Intimate and Wonderful Real Wedding

  1. Lisa O'Dwyer August 24, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Fantastic, Elisha! She’s got a great eye for composition and colour!

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