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Tuesday Shoesday

Ehm yeah, sorry that I went MIA for a little while. Life has been crazy busy recently and I haven’t had much time to do any blog work. I’m hoping to get things back on track and have enlisted some guest posts to ‘pick it up, pick it up, let’s go!’ (Bonus points for anyone naming that song.)

Lets talk Tuesday Shoesday. These babies are going to be a love/hate thing and I love them. I’ve been kind of obsessed with Miu Miu’s glitter shoes since a couple seasons ago, in fact I’m pretty sure they’ve featured in at least one board.

I’ve noticed more and more glittery shoes recently, a trend that I’m hoping will continue on to Christmas. (Yes, the first mention of the C-word and we are still in August.)

They are £370 from Net-A-Porter so not exactly a wedding day steal. But I think that they are oh so gorgeous.

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One response to “Tuesday Shoesday

  1. Shana August 31, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    The end of summer is always a busy time! I am glad you are back and those shoes are so so cute 🙂

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