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New Season, New Shades. Inspiration Board {46}

Is it just here, or has Autumn practically erupted over the last couple of weeks? Gone are the broken promises of a sweltering Summer, replaced by the vibrant leaves and blustery winds of September. Autumn is actually my favourite season, partly because of my birthday (it’s tomorrow if you wanted to send me a pressie!) but mostly because of all the delicious sights, scents and flavours that it brings.

Also, it’s back-to-school time and I’m a geek.

Anyway, I thought it was the perfect time to bring some sophisticated September palates to Only Gorgeous Weddings, beginning with this golden board:

Valentino dress, $3,490
Kate Spade floral pumps, $325
Jimmy Choo jewel sandals, $895
Ranch Wedding : Image #92192 : Style Me Pretty
Green, Brown, Wedding, Fall, Wheat, Place setting – Project Wedding
Ranch Wedding : Image #92155 : Style Me Pretty
Forerro Rosher
Ranch Wedding : Image #92173 : Style Me Pretty 

I love the soft tonal mixture of honey and wheat. Also, add it to some oats and you’ll have a pretty nice breakfast!

How do you like the new season? What are the colours you’re loving?

I’ll have some brighter offerings for you next week!


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