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The Big Goodbye

This is a really difficult post to write so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I have loved Only Gorgeous Weddings. I have learnt many things, gained many new friends and experienced many things through my baby. However, for me, the joy has gone out of it. I’m sure that this is a temporary thing, but there are only so much you can write about Irish weddings when you are not living in Ireland, getting married in the foreseeable future or a part of the wedding industry.

I believe I will certainly turn back to OGW when I have something new to offer, but for now I am closing Only Gorgeous Weddings. I thank you so much for your support and friendship. I will be back on my old blog, Not So Witty Witterings with a general mish-mash of stuff and will remain tweeting away, but I will be changing my twitter name soon.


So, once again, thank you and goodbye.




What the Fluich is Your Fallback?

Before I get to the main post I just want to say that my heart goes out to anyone effected by the flooding this week. My thoughts and prayers are with those who sadly lost their lives. 


I’m sure you have it very clear in your head – a gorgeous sunny day with just a hint of a sea breeze to catch your veil, the perfect amount of sunlight (not too much to give you squinty-eyes) and a cloud-free backdrop. The perfect weather to get the perfect pictures of your perfect day.

But this is Ireland. So the chances of getting that kind of day, even in the height of summer are slight. So have you got a back-up plan? Even if the one shower of the day decides to arrive at the time you had planned for your photo’s, you may have to plan a work-around. Most hotels will be happy for you to get your shots there, but it is rarely the most scenic or personal of backdrops. Have a scout round and see if you can find some nice indoor options.


Aileen and Adrian had the option of popping indoors when they got their shots done by Elisha Clarke at the Botanic Gardens. The added bonus is that the glasshouse is almost as beautiful as the gardens themselves:

(click the pic to see full wedding)

Whereas over on One Fab Day Jay and Andrea popped back home for a cup of tea and some really natural and relaxed images. Check them out, you’ll be nearly be begging for rain so you can have a trip back to the house!

Tuesday Shoesday

Sometimes all you want is a simple shoe, you may not be a fan of in your face glitter heels. In which case, you might want this baby:

$42.99 from Modcloth. By the way, I am very aware that I use a lot of American sites for Tuesday Shoesday, please tell me your favourite Irish and UK shoe shops, especially little ones.

also, check out these blogs for more tuesday picks:

A Cinderella Night – the Love My Dress Soiree

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Love My Dress is an amazingly beautiful wedding blog which is run by the equally beautiful Annabel. When she announced that she was going to throw a glamorous event in Gateshead, just a stone’s throw from me, I knew I had to be there. I even arranged my holidays around it! And it was absolutely worth the wait.

First, to what I wore: the dress code was ‘Glamorous, Gorgeous & Vintage Inspired.’ I knew I wanted to do a full-length gown but only had a select few around the house and no funds to buy a new one. Instead, I dyed a dress that I’ve had since I wore it to my grad ball, four years ago. As much as I love the dress there are almost no photo’s of me that night so it was nice to give it another airing. The major problem with the dress is that it was a full length, satin, ivory dress. It was almost impossible to wear it without looking like I lost my bouquet on the way to my wedding day. So I bought some grey dye and went for it in the kitchen sink!! I paired it with some teal shoes and bag that I bought for P’s sister’s wedding. I was really worried about the fit as any diet plans went out the window when I was at home on my holidays, well you can’t refuse your Mammy’s cooking, can you? Read more of this post