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March = Yellow. Insp Board {024}

Sometimes I realise that the way I think isn’t the same as the way other people think. One of these ways is that certain month’s have colours in my head. March, for instance is yellow. Yellow like little ducklings, like daffodils and like the yellow ‘yoke’ in the Creme Eggs that you can’t eat because you’ve gone off chocolate for lent. Yellow like the sun finally coming back into our lives!

Yes, I know today is the second of March, but I had other lovelies to bring you yesterday. So today I bring some yellowy weddingy love

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Isn’t that the cutest flower girl ever?
Wouldn’t hand-tied bunches of daffodils make fresh bridesmaids bouquets? Especially against otherwise muted shades. 
Or used as cheery and modern table centres? 
Source: Flower Duet
Or, for a more rustic feel you could have them in pails and buckets lining the aisle. Hint at the sunny months to come by including sunny lemons in your display and use bright bursts for accessories such as shoes and even earrings! 
Source: Ebony and Ivory Shop at Etsy. 
Are loving bright yellow as much as I am? 

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